The Best Free At-Home Yoga Apps

I have been practicing yoga for about 3 years now, and for the longest time, I only practiced at gym classes. I often find it hard to wake up early to rush to the gym for a morning class, so I started incorporating at-home yoga into my daily life. Yoga is one of the first things I do when I wake up each morning because it helps me mentally focus for the day, and it allows my body to stretch and wake up. I spend less than 15 minutes each morning practicing yoga, so it easily fits into a busy schedule. When I started yoga at home, I spent quite some time trying different free yoga apps, but many of them were not actually free. After sifting through many apps, I wanted to share my favorites so you can easily begin your practice!

1. Yoga Workout - Meditation & Fitness Plan

This is by far my favorite free yoga app! It features hundreds of yoga sessions, ranging from one minute to one hour in length. There are varying levels of difficulty, which makes this app perfect for all yogis, no matter where you are on your journey. The app uses a live person to demonstrate the poses, and they talk through each pose as they are performed. Some of the sessions include “Yoga for Strength,” “Beginner Yoga,” and “The Yoga Solution.”

Yoga Workout - Meditation & Fitness Plan.png

2. Yoga for Beginners | Mind + Body

This app is perfect for a quick morning workout, as it features 10 free yoga sessions ranging from 6 to 16 minutes. The design of the app is beautiful, and the layout is very intuitive. An animated person demonstrates each pose, so one can easily see how to do each step of the workout. I also really like the 10 second rest given between each pose. My favorite sessions for my morning workout are “Slow Flow” and “Morning Yoga.”

Yoga for Beginners | Mind + Body.png

3. Simply Yoga - Fitness Trainer

This app is quite rudimentary, but it definitely gets the job done! The only free level offered is level one, with the choice of a 20, 40, or 60 minute workout, making these sessions significantly longer than the other app sessions. A live person demonstrates each pose, and a voiceover talks through each pose to explain how to do it properly, along with the pose’s purpose. I think this app is great if you have extra time or if you would like to simulate an entire class on your own time.

Simply Yoga - Fitness Trainer.png
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