21 Things to do Before Turning 21

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday, and there’s a lot of things I’m SO happy I did and a few that I wish I could have done. Read on for my list of 21 things to do before you turn 21!

1. Open a Savings Account

Savings Account.gif

2. VOTE!


3. Skydive


4. Compete in a Contest

Pageant Fail.gif

5. Volunteer


6. Visit a Foreign Country

Air Travel.gif

7. Go on a Girls Trip

Girls Trip.gif

8. Learn Another Language

Learn Another Language.gif

9. Stop Trying to Please Everyone

Stop Pleasing Everyone.gif

10. Read One Book a Month

Read a Book.gif

11. Meditate Regularly

Meditate Regularly.gif

12. Make a New Friend

New Friend.gif

13. Binge Watch “Sex and the City”

Binge Watch Sex and the City.gif

14. Go Out for a Meal by Yourself

Eat By Yourself.gif

15. Learn to Cook At Least a Few Solid Meals

Learn to Cook a Few Solid Meals.gif

16. Try an Exotic Food

Try an Exotic Food.gif

17. Purchase a Power Suit

Power Suit.gif

18. Take More Pictures

Take More Pictures.gif

19. Take a Yoga Class

Take a Yoga Class.gif

20. Learn to Say “No”

Just Say No.gif

21. Be Happy

Be Happy.gif