Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC

I have been spending a lot of time in New York City lately, and I’ve been on the ultimate hunt for the BEST vegan food in the city. There are so many amazing options, and I’m super excited to share all of my finds with you! Here’s a list of my faves!

Beauty and Essex

Beauty and Essex is the perfect place for a special occasion. They have vegan and gluten-free menus in addition to a regular menu, so all guests will be accommodated! They also have some amazing cocktails!

Beauty and Essex.jpg


Blossom is 100% vegan, and they have many gluten-free options, as well! I always love when I can get vegan and gluten-free pasta, and Blossom definitely delivered. They also have an amazing dessert menu!

by Chloe (and Sweets by Chloe)

by Chloe is by far one of my favorite “fast food” vegan restaurants. They have a ton of gluten-free options, and my all-time favorite is their macaroni and cheese! Just typing this up now makes me want some! They also have the BEST vegan/gluten-free chocolate chip cookies!

By Chloe.jpg

Dig Inn

Dig Inn is not exclusively vegan, but they have everything labeled on their menu. Also, almost all of their sides are vegan, so it isn’t difficult to create a delicious meal! I love grabbing a quick lunch at Dig Inn during the work day or getting it to go!

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste has some amazing bowls and desserts! Everything is organic, and it’s also gluten-free friendly.

Le Pain Quotidien

I love LPQ! They have menu items for vegans and non-vegans alike, and this is so helpful when going out to eat with people who are not vegan, as well. I’ve also been loving their Turmeric Latte!

Little Beet Table

Little Beet Table is 100% gluten-free, so people who are concerned about cross-contamination don’t need to be worried! They had a fairly even amount of vegan and non-vegan foods, so it is a great location for a group of people with varied diets.

The Little Beet Table.jpeg

Quantum Leap

This is by far my favorite restaurant on this list. I’ve gone here for brunch multiple times, and everything has been delicious! My favorite item is their gluten-free french toast with blueberries and coconut cool whip!

Sacred Chow

Sacred Chow is an amazing vegan bottomless brunch spot! They have tons of delicious options, and you can even get a discount for paying with cash.

Spring Natural Kitchen

I had the best vegan nachos here! They didn’t even taste vegan! The service was super fast, and the location was so nice. They even have a bar area downstairs for the nighttime crowd.

Spring Natural Kitchen.jpg

The Organic Grill

Everything at The Organic Grill is vegan and so delicious! A lot of their items are also gluten-free!

Urban Vegan Kitchen

Urban Vegan Kitchen has everything from waffles to tacos, and they are all vegan! The cozy environment and the feel of home-cooked meals makes this the perfect spot for a nice brunch or dinner with friends.

Urban Vegan Kitchen.jpg

As you can tell, all of the restaurants are AMAZING! Happy eating!